Smarter Home Products is a result of a passion to become a leader in Home Automation and products that save you money while making daily chores effortless. We are located in Bayville, NJ and do not have a brick and mortar storefront, which is how we can offer the value on our products. 

 We have been in business since 2012 through our sister company and growing our product lines to bring you only the finest merchandise and service you deserve.

 Our mission is simple – We support the efforts to reduce our dependency on our carbon footprint by providing endless ways to reduce usage through automation and today's efficient powered devices that perform at much less utilization than yesteryear's components. 

 Our team consists of technical trained individuals that have 20+ years of experience in troubleshooting and electrical systems. Our professional organization is on standby to help and support you through your exciting projects.

 Our line of business are Accredited with the BBB.  

 What can we do for you today?